SkliQ is a Human Intelligence Platform as a Service (HIPaaS)

Leverage your employees' top skills globally and on demand!

Engage Your Global Workforce

With SkliQ, your organization will engage global workforce, and their top skills

And then there's SkliQFactor!

Analyze employee skills using SkliQFactor, a first data driven measure of skills.

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About SkliQ

About Skliq

SkliQ - HIPaaS

SkliQ is a first of its kind platform, where employees are able to find, connect and collaborate with their colleagues based on there top skills.

  • Manage Employee Skills
  • Enable Collaboration
  • Measure Effectiveness of Skills
  • Analyze Trends and Identify Gaps
  • Optimize Employee Performance

Key Features

Skills Repository in Cloud

Manage a repository of Employee Skills in the cloud, accessible to all!

Search Engine

Simple and Advanced Search capabilities to find colleagues globally; based on their top skill.

Collaboration Engine

Collaborate with your colleagues, real time via built-in Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing capabilities.

Measure Effectiveness of Skills

Using SkliQFactor, measure effectiveness of skill, based on real reviews and ratings.

Analyze Trends and Gaps

Leverage the searches and sessions history to understand trends and skill gaps in your organization.

Optimize Employee Performance

Engage global workforce, and optimize performance via continuous collaboration.

Why SkliQ?

SkliQ offers a single, central cloud based platform to address challenges related to finding skills when needed, globally, on-demand.

With SkliQ, your organization can engage global workforce, and facilitate collaboration between co-workers, across locations.

SkliQ is a fully secure cloud platform, that relies on data science to engage employee collaboration, measure skills and provide 360 view of trends and gaps.

There's nothing like SkliQFactor, which is a first Data Driven , Objective measure of skills; based on real reviews, ratings and other key factors..


Connect employees via a simple, easy to use search engine accessible to all employees globally.

Ability to find people based on their top skills.


Instant collaboration with distant colleagues via Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing and IM.

Reviews and Ratings that feed into the SkliQFactor.


Analyze trends in searches, sessions and collaboration needs.

Measure performance, and enhance skills by understanding gaps, and identifying strategies to eliminate gaps

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SkliQ will feature as one of the most innovative startups at the Ascent Conference in New York on Oct 3 and 4th.

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SkliQ featured as one of the most promising startups at the Collision Alpha conference in New Orleans this summer.

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SkliQ was selected as one of the top 134 startups at the Startup Grind Global Conference in San Fransisco in Feb, 2018

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