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Why SkliQ?

SkliQ is the only Enterprise SaaS that engages your entire digital workforce for their skills!

Modern SaaS with social engagement features.

Intuitive, feature rich and easy to use.

Focused on sharing skills.

Makes everyone in your organization visible and accessible for their expertise.

360 degree access to your data.

Full access to your data, and unique insights for your digital workforce.

What makes us unique?

SkliQ is the only SaaS focused on engaging workforce for their skills!

We are Perfect Fit for Hybrid/Remote Workplaces!

With a unique way of engaging workforce, and our focus is on making everyone visible and accessible for their skills and expertise, SkliQ is the best solution if you are looking to engage your digital workforce. .

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Focused on sharing skills.

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Available, with AWS infrastructure.

Key Features

SkliQ includes the following unique features for engaging your digital workforce, like never before!

Social Feed.

Your internal social feed, for your internal people, with ability to tag and filter for specific skills.

Search Engine.

Ability to find people for their skills, and connect real time.

Objective Analytics.

Unique KPIs, so you can get full visibility into people, their skills, engagement and efficiency.

SkliQ Factor.

It's like your credit score for people's professional skills, engagement and efficiency.

Upskill & Reskill.

Unique way to connect with peers for their skills, upskill & reskill via Peer-to-Peer Connection.


Micro-feedback loop to get objective assessment of efficiency of skills.

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Clients testimonial

Check what's our clients say about us

SkliQ has transformed the way we engage our people. After covid, we were looking for effective ways to engage people that are remote, and SkliQ was just an ideal fit for that.

Kris Reddy

Excutive Director,SMK Soft

SkliQ, with it's LinkedIn like interface that is so familier and easy to use, has increased employee engagement 10 fold. We now see people posting updates to their skills on our SKliQ instance first, which gives us visibility into the most current skill set available internally; something we couldn't do before.

M. Bhansali

CEO, RighIT Solutions

SkliQ has been a revolution at HRD Tech, and it has made life simpler for so many teams. HR can use the SkliQFactor, people can connect with their peers they did not now existed, management has 360 degree view of available skills. It simply has been exceptional.

J. Sandhu

Excutive Director,HRD Tech

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